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PISCES in 2006 – Balance

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Have you been accused of living in a dream world, Pisces? That’s not entirely true; you only see aspects of reality that others can’t. But this year you’ll discover a practical, businesslike streak in you that will enable you to face mundane matters with determination and confidence that you never knew you had. This doesn’t mean that your romantic, mystical, artistic side will go down the tubes. In fact, facing both romance and creativity with a more practical viewpoint could well improve both – and thus make the Fish VERY happy! You’ll be glowing with love, appearing more attractive. People will become more aware of you and whatever work you do – thus increasing your standing in all worlds. The key word here is, of course, balance.
­—— I don’t really care what are people talking about Pisces. People just do that. So would I.

Written by Weiwei

06/01/2006 在 19:54

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  1. 我很喜欢最后一句,balance,很耐人寻味的!


    08/01/2006 at 00:50

  2. o…. Nice to hear that. Thx.


    08/01/2006 at 02:33

  3. 最近可好?好就也不见你冒泡了,哈哈,看到你在我同学的blog留言,被我发现了~~~我们马上就考试了,必须加快我的tempo了,然后就可以回国了你怎么样?


    08/01/2006 at 08:39

  4. 我也有考试。不过总是紧张不起来。回国的冲动真的可以变成学习的动力?你教教我吧。


    11/01/2006 at 23:07


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