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FSCS 2006 – Symposium on Fuzzy Systems in Computer Science 2006

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  对这个新闻感兴趣的朋友英文应该都不错的,翻译的活我想可以免了。总的来说,这应该是今年马格德堡和马格德堡大学最重要的活动。Fuzzy教父,来自美国加州大学的Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh也应邀出席大会,并发表演讲。

Motivated by the 10th anniversary of the fuzzy research group at the computer science department in Magdeburg, the symposium Fuzzy Systems in Computer Science 2006 is jointly organized by the AFN – the North German Softcomputing Association – in cooperation with several fuzzy-oriented research groups at the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg. The aim of this event is to provide an international forum for reporting new results in the area of fuzzy systems. Emphasis will be on the applicability of the presented methods to real world problems.

The scientific program will include a track on Fuzzy Methods in Learning and Data Mining, a special session about the applications of Fuzzy Methods in Intelligent Data Analysis, and the Annual Meeting of the AFN. The keynote address will be given by the well known UC Berkeley Professor Lotfi Zadeh, the inventor of fuzzy logic. The program will be complemented by an invited talk of Rudolf Seising about the history of fuzzy systems.


Registration fee: 50,- Euros
Program as PDF:

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  1. 今天,Zadeh在名为“A new frontier in computation – computation with information described in natural language”的演讲中讲到一句话:“’Fuzzy logic’ is not a fuzzy logic!”。 经典~~


    27/09/2006 at 21:52


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