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猪年了 万事如意

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News: My new Homezone number 064212027100

From 15.Feb 8:00am on.


Written by Weiwei

14/02/2007 在 13:33

发表在 杂话


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  1. 弱问一下,在文字中间添加图片是不是得用HTML啊,我用它本身提供的添加图片弄出来都那么小。还总放到最后。

    16/02/2007 at 16:39

  2. Normally, you can simply use "Ctrl + C" to copy the picture from the browser and use "Ctrl + V" to paste it in you space when you edit an article. If it is forbidden in some shit-sites, you can try to save the picture in a third-part website, e.g. Flickr, then redo it.
    No chinese input in this pool, sorry.


    18/02/2007 at 11:00


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