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AVRIL LAVIGNE photo | Avril Lavigne
Her new single
"Girlfriend" is a hit. She’s a newlywed (having married Sum 41 frontman
Deryck Whibley, 27, last year). So for Lavigne, 22, her "new" image is
just the latest, natural next step. "Being a girl is awesome. There’s
so much – bags, shoes, makeup, accessories," she says. "I love putting
lotion on – I’m obsessed with lavender. It’s a lot of fun, and I think
the older you get, the more you get into it."


ZIYI ZHANG photo | Ziyi Zhang

Although her last role in Memoirs of a Geisha
required hours of heavy makeup, Zhang, 28, prefers a more minimal
approach: "I like a natural and clean look. Having makeup on, I cannot
recognize myself. It changes my feelings in my heart."


DANICA PATRICK photo | Danica Patrick

In 2005 the 5’2"
IndyCar Rookie of the Year, 25, led the Indianapolis 500 for 19 laps –
a first for a female driver. And there’s buzz about an even better
showing at Indy this month. Still, racing can get bumpy. "You sweat so
much," Patrick says. "We have a helmet and this head sock; the sun’s on
you. The skin takes a beating. I do MicroDermabrasion every month. And
facials – they hurt so good."

TERRENCE HOWARD photo | Terrence Howard

The Oscar nominee, 38, describes himself as "extra-medium maintenance."
Sweat equity:
He’s up at 4:30 doing 500 push-ups, 1,000 sit-ups and a three-mile run before taking his three kids to school.
Sacrificed for art:
Shoulder-length hair.
Man pampering:
Regular manicures plus spa weekends "with a number of massages. That’s when I allow myself to be high-maintenance."

HEATHER LOCKLEAR photo | Heather Locklear
"Maybe 40 is the
new 30," says TV’s consummate California girl, 45. After splitting from
husband Richie Sambora (their divorce was just finalized), the mom of
daughter Ava, 9, just keeps getting hotter. So – the secret? Run, sun
(strictly the fake variety) and fun. "I don’t say, ‘No more bread or
pasta.’ I just don’t have five platefuls. I’ve always been a red-meat
eater. I try to eat a little less and be aware."


BEYONCÉ photo | Beyonce Knowles

To play the lead Dreamgirls,
Knowles, 25, subjected herself to bushy eyebrows and frumpy suits. The
result: Total transformation ("Very not cute," she told reporters) –
and a taste of what life might have been like if she hadn’t been born
beautiful. "To be honest," she said, "I feel people would have
acknowledged my talent a lot more."


JAMES BLUNT photo | James Blunt
Before his earnest
falsetto topped the charts with "You’re Beautiful," Blunt, 33, was a
captain in the British army, even escorting the Queen. What he brings on the road: "A bar of soap." Why so basic? "In the army
you carry as little as possible. Most touring bands do the same." Beauty icon: "My father’s in the army. He doesn’t facial himself either."


EVA LONGORIA photo | Eva Longoria

Longoria, 32, packed heat as a secret service agent in The Sentinel – and she shoots from the hip. She isn’t vain: "Makeup artists always want to fill in the scar on my left eyebrow, but I never let them." She’s a trendsetter: "She’s really changed the way women on the red carpet look at color," says stylist Robert Verdi. She’s practical: "I go to work in my pj’s. I just have to get undressed again."


JESSICA ALBA photo | Jessica Alba

Here’s how Alba, 26, keeps that fresh vibe. Always wears: "Moisturizer." Barely wears: "Powder. I have kind of a round nose, and too much powder makes it look rounder." Washes hair: "Most days, unfortunately. I don’t think it’s good for your hair." Smells like: "Gardenia and candy."


ANGELINA JOLIE photo | Angelina Jolie

"She looks the
most beautiful when she’s in the field – natural, no makeup, nothing,"
says Wyclef Jean of the actress-activist, 31. Indeed, her beauty needs
are decidedly practical: a dusting of powder, a few strokes of mascara,
a dab of Vaseline on her world-famous lips and – voilà! – she’s ready
to meet the president of Pakistan. "She wants to make a difference,"
says U.N. representative Guebre-Christos. "She does it with a lot of

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27/04/2007 at 13:25

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I found a bug. And I am happy!
Am I sick?

Damn you! Stupid Kendall tau!

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23/04/2007 at 15:55

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10 Years of Friends.

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Friends, the best sitcom ever. For me, it’s the best show ever. 怀念Friends.
The one before the last one. 总长度达约30分钟。Remember the time.

1 of 4

2 of 4

3 of 4

4 of 4

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19/04/2007 at 18:14

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Va. rampage

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Breaking news.

The insane son of bitch gunman was identified by NBC News as a 23-year-old permanent legal resident from Korea. Such a shame for all the Asian.

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17/04/2007 at 13:43

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The Elements of Statistical Learning

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  Trevor HastieRobert TibshiraniJerome Friedman合著的The Elements of Statistical Learning是一本经典的著作,是统计学习算法领域一本核心的书籍。第一次听说这本书大约是在一年以前。当时我去旁听Prof.Hüllermeier的进阶机器学习。课堂上,Prof.Hüllermeier毫不吝啬其赞美之词,向我们极力推荐这本书。




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16/04/2007 at 09:51

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  来德国之后第一次去买自动铅笔芯。Marburg tegut,1.99欧。回到Office,打开一看,10根。一阵狂晕。20好几的人民币买回来十根0.5的自动铅笔芯。

  照片是用手机拍的,不怎么清楚。By the way,图片背景里用来挡门的椅子,175欧一把,是我拿来挡门的东西里最贵的。学校真TM有钱。不知道下次能不能给我报销买笔芯的费用-_-…

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14/04/2007 at 15:27

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Video on Spaces

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  Spaces终于支持视频链接了。在某局禁止这项功能之前,赶快趁早试用一下。现在放的是YouTube上迄今为止最火的一段 —— Evolution of Dance。这段视频早在一年以前就已经出现,目前已经被超过四千五百万人次在线观看过

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10/04/2007 at 13:57

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