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Hey Marburger, you’ve probably already seen this picture. This commercial can be found at quite a lot of bus stops in Marburg, for example at Hans-Meerwein-Str where I found it in the very first place. This is, in my opinion, the most shocking commercial this year. Let me explain in what follow:

The idea of this commercial is to promote an upcoming event in Frankfurt called Frankfurter Varieté-Nacht. In the commercial, it quotes the words from a female resident of Frankfurt:
"Manchmal glaube ich, es gibt immer noch Menschen, die gar nicht wissen, was Frankfurt zu bieten hat."
OK, this is nice, aha? Now comes the shocking part: Look at this woman! She has a gun!!!!! She even wears a shoulder holsters! The gun is just under her left shoulder! WTF!!!
This is the thing waiting for people in Frankfurt? A gunman? What the hell???


I am so scared.

Check this out by yourself:



Written by Weiwei

28/02/2009 在 20:58

发表在 杂话


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