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YouTube EDU昨天早些时候上线了。YouTube这个特别的EDU频道汇集了大量来自全球精英高等学府与研究机构的教学、科研视频(目前以美国的学校机构为主),绝对可以说是科技传播与知识分享的巨大宝库。朋友们在等待最新一集24、Lost、Prison break、Gossip girl、whatever上线的间隙,不妨去学点什么(前提是你所在的地区YouTube没有被什么邪恶力量屏蔽掉)。我昨天刚刚看完Robert Shiller教授关于股票的讲座


YouTube EDU launched today, an educational hub “volunteer project
sparked by a group of employees who wanted to find a better way to
collect and highlight all the great educational content being uploaded
to YouTube by colleges and universities” according to a short blurb on
the YouTube blog. The official announcement is apparently tomorrow.

site is aggregating videos from dozens of colleges and universities,
ranging from lectures to student films to athletic events. Some of this
stuff is solid gold (the Stanford and MIT lectures are really good).
Other content, not so interesting.


Written by Weiwei

27/03/2009 在 18:47

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