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Geeking time: Latex symbol classifier

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This is an email message sent to all KEBI members. It might be also of interest to the readers here, so I decide to post it as well.

Hi all,

after I sent out the message about the 2nd edition of “The Elements of Statistical Learning”, I got feedback showing that such information seems helpful to most of you. I believe, it is a good idea that we share news of our geeky world from time to time. We should let others know if we find anything geeky, of course, anything geeky in a good way.

This time is about latex symbols.

Everyone who uses latex has problems regarding writing symbols, one way or another. You have something perfect in your mind, just don’t know how to write it down in latex. Sounds familiar?

An old school solution is to look up in the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List. The list is accessible as a PDF file, which has just about every symbol imaginable in latex, mathematical operators and symbols (including Greek letters), the Euro symbol, wingdings, dingbats. You name it.


A modern way is to use a latex symbol classifier! You don’t have to look up in some huge manual: Simply draw out the symbol in your mind and the algorithm will find it out for you. You can try it at It is really fun!



Written by Weiwei

04/11/2009 在 22:17

发表在 学术


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