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We are hiring

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Our Amazon teams from development centers in Berlin, Luxembourg, and London are looking to hire Software Development Engineers, Technical Program Managers, and Machine Learning Scientists. Below you can learn more about what each of our team works on. If you are interested and would like to learn more, please send me a message or a CV.

Amazon Development Center Berlin

AWS OpsWorks
Amazon Web Services expanded to Berlin with it being the home base of the AWS OpsWorks team. At OpsWorks, we create and manage large-scale distributed services around the globe that help customers manage their applications in the cloud. Being part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) means constantly driving innovation and creating new services. For more information about AWS OpsWorks, visit our product page at .

ML Natural Language Processing
We are the Content Linkage (aka Natural Language Processing) group and are a part of Machine Learning Core team in Berlin. We invent and build machine learning based solutions to natural language problems like machine translation, content moderation and entity and relation extraction from free-form text such as eBooks.

Scalable Machine Learning Team
Amazon’s Scalable Machine Learning Team is part of the Machine Learning Core team in Berlin. The team is composed of scientist and software developers. One of our main activities is the invention and development of machine learning algorithms that leverages AWS infrastructure and can be used by teams working on natural language processing, computer vision, forecasting, recommendation systems, and other data science problems.

ML Forecasting Team
The ML Forecasting Team is part of the Machine Learning Core team in Berlin and is composed of engineers and scientists that work on a mission critical application at Amazon: how much of a given product to order? We work closely with the business teams and fulfillment to ensure that we have the right products in the right place at the right time. We process large datasets on a massive scale to develop superior forecasting models and drive the highest level of automation and decision making at Amazon.

Visual Services Team
Amazon’s Visual Services Team is part of the Machine Learning Core team in Berlin and is composed of research scientists and software developers. We mainly focus on developing computer vision algorithms for automated understanding of images and videos, working on large-scale datasets and creating scalable and accurate solutions for diverse application fields.

Amazon Development Center Luxembourg and London

Consumer Localization
Consumer Localization is the process to identify product gaps across Amazon marketplaces, translate the identified products and make them available for purchase in all Amazon marketplaces. Sound simple? Not even close as Consumer Localization is a complex process that involves building, enhancing and maintaining a highly scalable system to scale across multiple systems with an effective workflow. The Consumer Localization development team is based in Luxembourg and works extensively with teams in Berlin, Dublin and Seattle.

Amazon EU Core Tech
Amazon EU Core Tech (AEC Tech) builds technology and services to meet the diverse language, currency, and cross-border trade needs of Amazon’s international businesses. This includes providing customers with a fully localized shopping experience, while leveraging cost opportunities from operating at a pan-EU scale, and ensuring compliance with local regulatory and tax requirements. AEC Tech operates with a 3-way charter of: 1) Extending the capabilities of Amazon’s e-Commerce platform to scale and efficiently operate our European businesses, 2) Developing “last mile” features needed to address local customer and country-specific business requirements, and 3) Providing platform functions and shared technology services to Amazon’s EU businesses. AEC Tech is based in Luxembourg, with additional development centers in Bangalore, India and London, UK.

Book Depository
Amazon’s International Technology group (InTech) owns the enhancement and delivery of Amazon’s cutting-edge engineering to all the varied customers and cultures of the world. InTech’s UK team supports retail subsidiary Book Depository (acquired by Amazon in 2011). Book Depository offers huge selection, great service, dozens of payment currencies – and free shipping to 100+ countries worldwide! In order to support this global business, InTech’s UK software development teams design and create unique systems spanning pricing, websites and backend tools – all optimized for multi-currency and multi-language. The team continually improves Book Depository customer experience by leveraging unique Amazon tools and services.


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